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Time flies whether you're having fun or not (or as Groucho Marx said "time flies like an arrow—fruit flys like a banana"). I'm going through my email, reading things I haven't had time for and reading this 3 months later and, amazingly, at the perfect time, because I've recently started learning how to chant from the Torah, and the portion I'm working on now is Behar, which is about the jubilee year, the sabbatical of sabbaticals! So here is your letter, another pointer to the subject occupying my mind right now, and because of my delay in reading it, more apropos!

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Dec 23, 2022Liked by Sarai Mitnick

Cheryl Licata Dec. 23

I like your adventure into quilting. I too am quilting. I've made a few and have always used scraps just like the way quilting started. Scrappy quilts are fun! I like your goal setting ideas and working on my own for today, the week, and 2023.

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Dec 20, 2022Liked by Sarai Mitnick

I haven't set any official intentions for the new year, but I'm intrigued by revolving around nature and the moon. (Could just be the pictures I'm in love with.) The micro/meso/macro is also definitely something to copy to make goal setting more manageable, since I have ideas floating around in my head.

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