I'd love to come and walk in your brambles and enjoy the wild flowers and plants. We have a large area of large fern (18"+Tall) that I just love to look at. Thanks for your inspiration this morning to look around closer at things.

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What a great way to describe Lucinda Williams's voice - sweet and craggy. I love her music, and admire her grit and determination greatly.

I also wonder what a crazy world we live in, to have to work so hard to find our own selves.

Thanks Sarai!

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I just listened to Lucinda William’s “Don’t Tell Anybody The Secrets I Told You.” on Audible.

If you walk away with anything, you see how far steadfast determination and belief in yourself can take a person! It didn’t matter to her what anyone said or thought about her… she listened to her own self, and walked the only path she wanted to walk. She didn’t care about the odds, or how unlikely it was to be a woman artist the record companies couldn’t sell by putting in a prescribed genre.

I wonder how many artists listened to what someone else thought, and consequently we never heard/saw/felt their genius.

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