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What an amazing person you are! I am truly in awe of your relentless willingness to understand life! Bless you, dear girl!

Years ago, as a senior in high school, I only needed 0.5 credits to graduate, but had to go the whole year anyway. I had an amazing first experience sewing in freshman year with my home ec teacher, Mrs. Finley, and so took every course available that she taught during my final year. All of my tailoring projects turned out really well because of this wonderfully patient female Mr. Rogers!

She set me up for success, and a lingering life long admiration for fabric, patterns, and wonder.

I returned to sewing (after a 30 year break) for comfort last year when my dad passed, and I find myself thanking her every time I approach my projects.

I sure hope she knew a teense of how much I love her and how much she is STILL helping me to want to learn long after her passing.

I have a new mantra I would like to share:

I might think “I” don’t know how to do something, but… “My hands know”

This is what I say to myself to tell myself to not worry so much mentally, and let the true intelligence of my hands, the feeling intelligence they have, to take over and figure it out steps where I have little clue what to do. When I shift my intelligence from my brain, to my hands, “I” can relax.

“Your hands Know.”

Even if it isn’t always quite true, I still find it a way to shift, relax, and enjoy the process of learning rather than going mental trying to figure it out.

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I started knitting when I was newly married in my twenties. My husband told me I was too young to knit; I should do that when I am old. I wish I hadn't listened to him, because I could have done so many more projects if I had continued when I started. Oh well, I'm back at it now, and am making a multicolored baby blanket that includes some rows that look like the yarn in your picture. Thanks for sharing.

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This post was perfect timing for me. Through the years, my daughter has raided my sewing closet and would sew clothes for her stuffed animals or even perform surgery on a torn stuffed animal. We had a discussion and she asked me to teach her how to sew. How exciting! I spent hours looking on Amazon for the perfect book, tools, etc.

When I gave it to her, she said, "I thought you were going to teach me how to sew?"

It took me awhile to process what she meant because to me, starting with a book and basic supplies seemed like the perfect way for her to learn.

Just last night (five years after that conversation and two years after she inherited my old machine), we finally decided on a plan for her to sew a tote bag for a favorite teacher. She asked if she could put her sewing machine next to mine, so we could sew together. She's 15. 🥹

In that moment, I thought, even if she doesn't get into sewing, she will always have this memory of the two of us, side by side, with our machines, creating memories.

Thank you for sharing your story with your Nonna-I can picture a grandmother's love looking beyond the gothy teenager and seeing a little girl who wanted to learn how to sew.

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