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TBH, I’m a bit jealous of your wanting to do everything! Much of the time, I want to do nothing. I’m not sure where that is coming from. Some of it has always been with me and has enabled me to notice what’s going on around me and gather psychic energy for what’s coming next. Some of it must be ennui. Some of it is being in a different stage of life. When I feel bored, I start up again!! Life is strange.

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I have a business as a contract costume designer for theatres so I rarely have summers off. Usually when I do have time off, I spend my time in a stunned daze and by the time I've figured out what's happening, it's time for another job. Still trying to work out that whole balance thing. On the subject of laundry, though, other than underwear, I only wash clothes if they are visibly dirty or if they are smelly. Or if they will be stored for a longish time, as they shouldn't be stored when not clean. Probably less than I should, but definitely not too often.

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