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Oh, the French Laundry Doc bought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful person Sally was. Love this blog. Thanks Sarai and Happy Healthy 2023 to you. ~ Stephanie

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Thank you for starting this blog this year, I’ve really enjoyed it and look forward to more, especially given your intention to go with the seasons. Yes, Nigel Slater is great at that, isn’t he.? Your mention of him prompted me to reread sections of previous books of his I’ve enjoyed. And I adored the Sally Schmitt doc.

I, too, recommend In the Wilderness. When I taught a course on Transformative Learning I encouraged students to read memoirs and that one was always on my ‘suggested’ list. But there are SO many good books. The one I’m into at the moment (Fayne) has 722 pp — wish me luck!

Happy New Year to you.

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Also, LOVE that dress with the snakes and flowers...such a cool print!

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I mostly read memoirs and I'm stoked Glass Castle made your top 5 list because it is at the top of my all time favorite list-I always mean to jot down the books you reference on the podcast.

Not that you're asking, but I think you'd like another favorite memoir of mine by Kim Barnes-In the Wilderness.

Your dress is gorgeous and could totally be dressed down, too.

Keep getting the sunshine available to you.

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Following this blog has forced me to join Substack. I feel so hip and in the know now. Love your reflections on winter....the darkness is a joy for me, a nudge from mother nature to slow down and rest. I read Jeanette Wells book The Glass Castle about 10 years ago, it was one of my favorites, such a great story. I'm glad you found it!

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