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When I was in college, taking creative writing, the professor said something that stuck with me: there is no such thing as "writer's block" as a condition. It doesn't exist. He went on to explain much of what you said Sarai. His point is we alone have the personal ability to get ourselves out of a creative rut.

Speaking of my warped brain, LOVED the article on attention spans. I knew the obvious (such as social media), but never thought about emails ruining our attention spans. As someone who "works" from home, on vacation, sewing, running errands, even working at another job-I can say I'm using email all.day.long on my phone.

It's hard for me to balance because I work for my husband, which allows me to work from home, go on vacation, sew during the day, run errands and occasionally work another job (that I prefer).

It's not quite guilt I feel, so much as a price I pay for flexibility. I think I need to change the structure, though, because my attention span is at an all time worst. I feel like a teenage squirrel.

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Yay! I just got myself the book, too! I’m excited to make the laksa, ramen, and all the different tofu preparations.

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