The 2024 Slowdown

2024 is the year I’m choosing to slow down.

I have a very natural bias towards more. I always want to add, never subtract. The concept of enough makes sense to me in theory, but in practice? It’s elusive.

This year, I’m seeking new ways to act slowly and with greater intention. And you are welcome to join me! Here’s how it works:

Each month, I’ll share a new practice that I’m going to experiment with in an effort to resist more. You can choose to do it too, and at the end of the month, we talk about what we learned and whether we’ll continue.

I’ll update this page with the experiments and lessons learned each month as we go.

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The Guidelines

This is intended to make us feel better, not add one more thing to do. So I have a few feel-good guidelines:

  • No extreme measures. The practices should be small, sustainable, and feel somewhat easy. If I find something too difficult, I’ll scale it back and do an easier version.

  • Leads to more enjoyment. I want these to feel good and add more joy to my life overall.

  • Does not add stress. If it’s just another “should”, it’s probably not right for me.

Some of these practices may help, some may fall flat. Totally ok and expected!

The Monthly Practices


👗 How to Design Your Own Low Buy Challenge

In January, I committed to buying nothing new (or used) in the categories that I tend to overindulge in. For me, it’s clothing, haircare, and skincare. You can choose your own categories and your own rules, but the idea is to question how much I really need.

Results: 4 Lessons Learned From My Low Buy Month

I decided to continue following these guidelines. Buying less stuff seems to free up brain space for me.


🥙 What If You Do Have Enough Time?

February is about injecting just five more minutes of mindfulness into my day. In my case, I’m choosing to focus on what I’m doing while I have breakfast, but you can choose any daily activity.

Results: (Coming soon)

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